Karl on Political Inclusion

The fact that third party candidates have difficulty overcoming the obstacles to ballot access speaks to the power of the victor, not the quality of the challenger.

To the victors go the spoils, or so those in antiquity wanted us to believe. This has long been the design guidance though in electoral legislation. The electoral system in Indiana, other states and the US as a whole have evolved a complex set of defenses against outside influence.

Karl Tatgenhorst maintains that as both the United States Constitution and the Indiana Constitution secure our right to peaceably assemble, that the ultimate expression of assembly (our ballot) must be open to all. The framers of Indiana's Constitution were clearly of the same mind as Article 1, section 1 ends with securing the right of Indiana residents to affect change in their government.

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25 Mar

LPIN Nomination

The convention was fairly exciting, seeing all these people step forward to put their names and faces to the cause of liberty was inspirational. …more

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